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Model Z4555 automatic molding machine export to Korea

After many aspects of understanding and personal operation, the customer compared the other brand molding machines, and finally chose Zoomzu Model Z4555 automatic molding machine, which is highly efficient, stable and safe, mature in technology and cost-effective.

The automatic molding machine is assembled and transported to Incheon, South Korea on the afternoon of January 31, 2018 after various performance tests. 
We will continue to upgrade and innovate automatic molding machine, strive to build an international brand, let Chinese manufacturing go abroad, go to the international market, let more and more people know about Chinese manufacturing.

Korean customers visited our factory.

The customers viewed the device electronic control system.

They viewed the hydraulic system of the equipment, using Japanese Yuken hydraulic system, stable and durable.

The tonnage of Model Z4555 is 8.5 tons, lifting with crane.

Other equipment accessories were being packed one after another.

Top part

Bottom part

Sand molds display, waiting for pouring.

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