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Automatic shooting sand molding machine Z5161

The automatic molding machine is a new model developed by our company to track the world's advanced modeling technology. Its various performance indicators have reached the world advanced level. The utility model has the advantages of high automation degree, accurate casting size, convenient and stable lower core, high effective utilization ratio of the double-sided template, small occupied area, and no prominent advantages such as pits.

The automatic molding machine is an automatic molding machine that replaces the manual shape. The machine is compact, compact and does not require pits, making it ideal for customers who want to transform from manual styling to automation. In addition, the machine has been improved on the basis of the previous horizontal molding machine, and the upper, middle and lower boxes are fixed on the four columns at the same time, which ensures the accuracy of the box and solves the problem of wrong box; The matching molding line is more flexible, and can adopt the hand-pushing rolling conveyor method and the automatic trolley roller conveying method.

The air-filling and sand filling technology is adopted in the design process of the automatic molding machine. The top part and bottom part are combined and shot on the four columns at the same time, and then compacted. After molding, the top and bottom sand molds are respectively demolded, unboxed, and smoothly assembled, and the sand mold is pushed out by the cylinder. The use of the conveyor line enables automated production of castings.



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