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Fully automatic molding machine

     Mr Xiao, who has made mechanical parts in Zhejiang, successfully purchased a fully automatic molding machine. The following is the testimony of Xiao’s cooperation:

      I am Mr. Xiao from Zhejiang. I have always been a mechanical accessory. The sales volume is still good. Because of the manual shape, the output is low. So I wanted to buy a fully automatic molding machine, and I found a fully automatic molding machine for the Zoomzu casting machine. Their salesman sent me a video of the automatic molding machine. It looked good, the operation was very simple, one machine It only needs one person to operate, and the height and speed of the sand mold can be adjusted numerically.

      In addition, I also introduced the standard sand processing equipment. Since I don’t know what the machine is, I first bought a fully automatic molding machine and tried it first. The result is very good. After a while, I will go to buy two large automatic molding machines. , Zoomzu Casting Machinery is a professional manufacturer of fully automatic molding machines in Guangdong.


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