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2017 China Casting Machinery Annual Meeting concluded successfully

The annual meeting of the 2017 annual meeting will be held, and the long-term cooperation supplier will be invited to present the annual award ceremony.

The chairman presented the awards to the members of the company.

Apple’s I phone, BMW X4 SUV was awarded a bonus for the company in 2017.

First prize gift from raffle

In 2017, we lived up to the time, passion, and memories filled with beauty and laughter. In 2018, the new starting point, not forgetting the original intention, together with a firm pace, together to write a new chapter! In 2018, we work together to ride the wind and waves, and move forward! Let’s work together!

The members of Zoomzu Machinery business took a group photo with the factory manager. We are a group of young, free and easy, and energetic team.

Finally, we wish you all good health, good luck, good fortune in the new year, and we will start together in 2018.

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