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Zoomzu Casting automatic molding machine, the first automatic frequency conversion molding machine that went abroad

Oct 21st just ended the 5th Shandong (Weifang) Foundry Industry Expo, the staff of Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery immediately entered the Turkish International Metallurgical Foundry and Metal Industry Exhibition. The exhibition is the 8th Turkey Foundry Exhibition, the 13th Turkish Nonferrous Metals Technology and Machinery Products Fair, and the 14th Turkish Steel Technology Equipment Exhibition (ANKIROS/ANNOFER/TURKCAST 2018), which began in 1992. At the 2016 exhibition, a total of 908 companies from 48 countries participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of 22,072 square meters. A total of 14,058 visitors visited the Istanbul Iron and Steel Technology and Machinery and Products Exhibition (ANKIROS). In 2018, the exhibition area will reach 250 million square meters, and the exhibition enterprises will exceed 1,000. Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., as a fully automatic frequency conversion molding machine, represented the Chinese automatic molding machine and went abroad to enter the international market.

Zoomzu Machinery staff and customer take photos at Turkey Fair

Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of self-developed, self-produced and self-selling modernization in the foundry machinery industry, is at the advanced level in the domestic industry in terms of technology, quality and automation level. The company has strong technical strength, excellent design and development personnel, strong strength, rich experience, professional development of various casting molding equipment for customers. Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery has always strictly required product quality, respecting customers every penny to create benefits for customers. The company’s fully automatic molding machine uses imported high-end accessories: the hydraulic system uses Japanese oil research + Siemens variable frequency motor, the control system uses Japanese Omron, the electrical system uses France Schneider, and the pneumatic system uses Taiwan Airtact. The most distinctive feature is that the fully automatic molding machine of Zoomzu is variable frequency, adjustable in speed, not only has low noise, but also can reduce the power of the foundry by 20%-30%.

Zoomzu Automatic casting frequency molding machine

Customer exhibition site communication cooperation details

Because of the high specification requirements for quality, it has achieved the industry brand and reputation of Zoomzu Machinery. Therefore, Zoomzu Machinery’s automatic frequency conversion molding machine represents China and has become the first fully automatic frequency conversion molding machine to go abroad. In the 3-day exhibition of 10.25-10.27, the fully automatic frequency conversion molding machine of Zoomzu Machinery was highly recognized by customers in Egypt, Ukraine, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Algeria and Turkey and signed 8 molding machine orders on site.

Go abroad and enter the international arena. As a manufacturer of automatic frequency conversion molding machines in China, Zoomzu Machinery will bring changes in the manufacturing methods for the global foundry industry.

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