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How to choose a fully automatic molding machine?

Today, with the ever-changing technology, there are many models of automatic molding machines. What are the aspects to be paid attention to when choosing a good automatic molding machine? The choice of machine modeling methods and the selection of modeling methods should be considered according to various factors. The main ones are:

(1) Casting accuracy: When castings with high dimensional accuracy of castings and high surface roughness are required, the molding method with high sand tightness should be selected.

(2) Casting material: The casting materials are different, and the requirements for sand stiffness are different. Generally, cast steel and cast iron are required to be higher than non-ferrous alloys, and ductile iron is higher than gray iron and malleable cast iron. For materials with high sand stiffness requirements, a sand molding method with high compactness should be used.

(3) Cast structure: For example, when the casting has narrow grooves, high hanging sand, dense vent holes, etc., a molding method with high precision of the mold and uniform sand tightness should be selected.

(4) Casting production, batch and variety: castings with large output, large batch size and single variety should use high-efficiency or special-purpose molding equipment; small-volume and multi-variety castings should be selected with flexible process and convenient production organization. Single piece production is suitable for hand molding.

(5) Casting shape, size and weight: When conditions permit, castings with similar shapes, small differences in size and weight should use the same fully automatic molding machine. This is especially true when the flask needs to be set up to facilitate uniformity of the flask.

(6) Requirements for sand: When multiple sets of automatic molding machines are arranged on the same production line, the requirements of uniform sand should be considered as much as possible to select a fully automatic molding machine.

(7) Configuration equipment of the modeling workshop: This is especially important when renovating the old workshop. It is necessary to combine the production capacity, process level, transportation conditions, process flow, etc. of the original workshop conditions and other supporting equipment (such as furnace, sand treatment, etc.). Use the system engineering perspective to determine which type of fully automatic molding machine is most suitable to maximize the investment.

(8) Tooling conditions: The dimensional accuracy and surface roughness level of the pattern should match the fully automatic molding machine selected.

(9) It is preferred to use molding equipment that meets environmental protection, industrial hygiene and labor safety with less pollution and no pollution (low noise, no harmful gas).


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