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Development status and future trends of China foundry industry

On the basis of pointing out the development status and opportunities of China's foundry industry, it points out that the development of China foundry industry is facing great opportunities and challenges; this article will explain the development direction of China foundry industry, new information and technology development.The development status and future trends of the foundry industry were analyzed.

Since the reform and opening up in China, the development of the foundry industry has undergone great changes, including technical level, quality and service. The quality of castings in China has improved significantly, mainly because the waste generated in the production process of castings has dropped a lot compared with before; then there are many kinds of casting precision (geometric accuracy, dimensional accuracy), surface roughness, mechanical properties, etc. It has reached the international level. Foundry companies already have the ability to display their own castings at our national and foreign exhibitions and gain high recognition.


The situation of traditional hand-made sand castings occupy more than half of the country is slowly disappearing. Many foundry companies have begun to use intelligent machines like fully-automatic molding machine ,induct electric furnaces and cupolas, and induction furnaces. These advanced equipment, technologies and techniques have made China ability to manufacture and produce better quality and higher precision castings. At present, the larger spheroidal graphite cast iron machine tools produced in China are about 146 tons; the large cast steel is more than 520 tons. At present, there are more than 100 enterprises in China that can produce castings with a weight of 30 tons or more. China's foundry industry There have been earth-shaking changes, and a large number of foundry companies with high technology and good quality have emerged.

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