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Sand casting molding equipment has been widely used in the foundry industry in recent years

Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of sand casting molding equipment and automated molding production line. Zoomzu is a well-known brand in China, as well as Southeast Asian countries and North African countries. Zoomzu sand casting molding equipment is sold throughout China, as well as Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Egypt, Algeria and other countries.

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Sand casting is the most widely used in traditional casting technology. Sand casting is roughly divided into clay sand casting and red sand casting. The sand mold used is generally composed of outer sand mold and mold core. Since the molding materials used for sand casting are cheap and easy to obtain, and can be used repeatedly, the processing is simple and the sand molding is simple and efficient, and can be adapted to batch production and mass production of castings. Sand casting has long been a basic traditional process in the production of cast steel, iron and aluminum.

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According to the survey, 65 to 75% of the castings in the international foundry industry are cast in sand. Moreover, in this case, clay casting production accounts for about 70%. The main reason is that sand casting has lower cost, simpler production process and shorter production cycle than other casting methods. There are also a large number of technicians engaged in sand casting. Therefore, most of them are auto parts, mechanical parts, hardware parts, railway parts, etc., which are all produced by clay green sand process.

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The casting process used by the sand casting molding equipment of Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is green sand casting. Not limited to green sand, ordinary clay sand, coal powder sand, red sand and other sticky sand can be used for casting. The hydraulic system uses the Japanese Yuken hydraulic valve and the German Siemens variable frequency conversion, which makes the mold more compact. Not only that, the casting height of the Zoomzu fully automatic sand casting molding equipment can be adjusted, and the molding sand can be saved to a large extent.

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