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Comparison of the characteristics of the molding machine

As a company with extensive industry experience, we have innumerable expertise in the production of molding machines. Today we will tell you a little about the molding machine. The molding machine is characterized by sand filling and compaction at the same time. The machine has simple structure, light weight and strong adaptability. And there are some molding machines with low noise, low dust, low energy consumption and high precision.

The models commonly used in automatic molding machines are vertical parting flaskless molding machine and horizontal parting removable flask molding machine. The vertical parting flaskless molding machine does not use a sand box, and the molding sand is directly injected into the molding room with the template. The sand mold has high dimensional accuracy, and the sand box has a cavity on both sides with a high productivity. However, it is difficult to lower the core and the quality of the molding sand is strict. The horizontal removable flask molding machine uses the sand box for modeling. The lower core is more convenient and has high productivity. The sand blasting machine uses a rotating blade to throw a sand compacted sand mold.

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