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Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. It’s a professional manufacturer of fully automatic horizontal parting flaskless molding machine. It integrates development, design, manufacture and service. We can provide a professional casting styling solution for foundry enterprises and help foundry enterprises solve moulding problems. Improve the level of moulding automation, replace the labor with the casting molding machine, reduce the labor cost of the enterprise and improve the work efficiency.

The characteristics of Zoomzu casting molding machine: high configuration, high efficiency, high survival rate, long service life, low failure, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost; use of annealing process to improve the durability of the casting molding machine; more than 20 independent innovation patents; Control system: fully automatic operation of the machine, saving labor; easy to learn and operate. In order to meet the demands of users, we constantly innovate and improve the application technology and operating system of the casting molding machine to improve the stability and efficiency of the molding machine. Our factory can customize the model according to the size of the customer's product, and provide many-to-one service, and strive for excellence.

Over the years, our unremitting efforts have won the trust and support of our customers. Zoomzu casting molding machines are sold throughout China, as well as Korea, Vietnam, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, and other countries. Zoomzu casting molding machine is widely used in foundries, contributing to the long-term development of the foundry industry.

Why you choose Zoomzu?

1)Over ten years experience in fully automatic molding machine

2)Integrated service:design,manufacture,install,debug

3)Low price with high quality

4)customize the machine according to different products

5)Short delivery time

6)Instant aftersale service on line

7)have many unique patents

When you buy from us,you are getting equipment that’s made in-house by a professional team that dedicated to design and produce reliable and stable machines.We value our customers and strive to provide the best assistance.In-house manufacturing means you’ll get your products and services quickly,and if there’s a problem,we’ll respond as fast as possible!

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