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Zoomzu molding machine participated in India foundry expo


In India, in addition to the astounding song and dance,

the development of foundry industry is also amazing.

India has been regarded as the second largest

 foundry country after China,

its huge market becoming the target of all enterprises.

Within this industry, a name of a China company

 is widely well-known—Guangdong Zoomzu

15th Indian Foundry Exhibition


On 20th Jan, three days 15th India International 

Foundry Exhibition IFEX ended successfully.

During this period, Zoomzu booth has become one of 

the most lively booths on the scene

and a large number of overseas agents

 and distributors come to visit.

In just three days, great achievements have been made!


What you see is the most authentic.

Every Zoomzu overseas exhibition,

always perform very well!

Relying on annual overseas exhibitions 

such as in India, Germany, Holland etc,

Zoomzu is competing with world famous companies.

With Super strong technical strength and innovative ability,

Zoomzu is recognized by more and more enterprises all over the world.


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