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Zoomzu machinery equipment ended successfully on Shanghai foundry expo


From 13th Mar. to 16th Mar. 

the "17th China International Foundry Expo"was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. 

Zoomzu fully automatic up-under shot sand molding machine, 

the horizontal parting flaskless molding machine 

and the automatic trolley line became the highlights of this exhibition,

 attracting high interest from buyers from Germany, the United States, 

the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Spain, China and Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries.

this exhibition, the corporate culture of Zoomzu Machinery, 

the morale of the soldiers, and the on-site activities became the focus of the exhibition.


Zoomzu Machinery specializes in the production of 

fully automatic molding machines and automatic molding production lines. 

The medium casting machines are characterized by four highs and three lows: 

high configuration, high efficiency, high survival rate, 

high service life, low failure, low energy consumption. 

Low maintenance costs.


In the pursuit of quality and responsible attitude towards customers,

the Zoomzu automatic molding machine has become the highlight of the exhibition at this international casting fair. 

It is also because of the hard products, 

During the period, Zoomzu Machinery used Golden Egg Smash Activity

 (signing the golden egg, the number of quail eggs was consistent with the number of signed orders), 

indicating the results of the exhibition. 

The exhibition site successfully signed 12 machines and 2 trolley lines.

Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery has always strictly required product quality, 

respecting every penny of customers and creating greater benefits for customers. 


The medium casting machine adopts imported high-end accessories. 

The hydraulic system uses Japanese oil research + Siemens variable frequency motor, 

the control system uses Japanese Omron, 

the electrical system uses France Schneider, and the pneumatic system uses Taiwan Yade. customer. 

The most distinctive feature is that the fully automatic molding machine of Zhongzhu is variable frequency, 

adjustable in speed, not only has low noise, but also reduces the electric power of the foundry by 20%-30%.

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