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How to use the fully automatic molding machine correctly

The fully automatic molding machine often has a slow and slow swing after a period of use, which affects work efficiency. At this time, only after careful diagnosis of the molding machine, analyze the cause of the abnormal situation, and timely correct treatment to ensure that the molding machine returns to normal. Here's how to use the molding machine correctly:

1. Before starting the fully automatic molding machine, check whether the lubrication device of the molding machine is perfect, and refuel according to the regulations, check whether the tight parts are tight, whether the operation handles are in the zero position (vacancy), whether the air valve action is flexible, the pipeline With or without air leakage, then open the total air valve to discharge the accumulated air and water in the pipeline.

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2. When using the molding machine, the operator should be familiar with the mechanical parts, electrical parts, operating procedures, lubrication systems, etc. of the molding machine, as well as other requirements specified in the use of the equipment. The molding machine compacts the sand type program in four steps: tapping, indenting, compacting, and indenting. The molding machine starts the mold program: the table is clamped, the ejector rod is raised, the sand box is removed, and the chassis is reset.

3. When using the fully automatic molding machine, it is necessary to carefully observe the operation. In the operation, the sand of the lubrication part and the running part should be cleaned frequently with air. It is strictly forbidden to stick sand to each lubrication part.

4. After each styling work is completed, the workbench should be cleaned up before the second styling work can begin.

5. After the fully automatic molding machine is used, return the handle to the zero (empty) position, close the valves, clean the equipment, clean the site, keep the sliding and rotating parts of the equipment clean, and carefully check the tools and molds.

It is very important to use the fully automatic molding machine correctly to extend the life of the fully automatic molding machine.

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