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Green sand molding equipment works smoothly in Vietnam

Under the guidance of the national “One Belt, One Road” policy, the green sand molding equipment manufactured by Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery Co., Ltd. was exported to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Related information display that the output of castings in Vietnam is about 500,000 tons per year. It mainly supplies castings for automobiles, motorcycles, electric power, tractors, construction machinery, pumps and valves, compressors, pipe fittings and fittings, cement, agricultural machinery and other industries. At present, the development potential of the foundry industry in Vietnam is great, and it is urgent to introduce advanced casting technology, equipment and raw and auxiliary materials. 

Zoomzu Machinery integrates development, design, manufacture and service.  Characteristics of Zoomzu brand green sand molding equipment: high configuration, high efficiency, high survival rate, long service life, low failure, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost.

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